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Travel is not a way to escape life; it is a way to embrace life. And Holiday Kraft works and swears by making your holidays an unforgettable and exceptionally special experience. We are a team of passionate & enthusiastic travel consultants who work with a motive of making our clients’ holidays special and memorable for them.

We believe that travel is no science that can generalize a formula to all experiments. It is more about making memories, that imprint on our hearts eternally. The definition or denotation of great travel is distinctly different from person to person, and we believe in crafting great holidays for every person. We have been working in this industry since 2019, with a goal to cater to every person’s holiday needs with a personalized touch through detailed & customizable travel itineraries. We do not sell travel plans; people buy memories and smiles from us instead.

We strongly second the government initiatives of promoting the domestic travel. It is our dream that each traveler explores & unfoldsthe magic of India and its plethora of culture & diversity. We aspire to promote the status of Indian tourism & swear by the motive of “Swadesh Dekho”, urging more and more people to experience the bliss and serenity of the Indian tourism.

In our aspiration to become the best travel agency of the country, we cater to the enjoyment of people to the fullest. We provide them with travel plans best suited to their needs, with extensive research and end-to-end planning. We consider our self to be our strongest competitor and strive hard to make ourselves better than ever to give you unmatched travel experiences.


It is our constant and unshaken endeavor to be reckoned as the best travel agency of India. We strive to unravel the beauty of Indian tourism before every Indian and foreigner; and it is our ardent effort to be able to significantly promote and contribute to the Indian tourism.


We wish to prove helpful and beneficial to the economy of our country by generating profitable employmentand facilitate social development in the country through eco-tourism. We wish to make every person’s holiday plans special by crafting great & customized holiday plans for them!


Wide Assortment of Customizable travel plans

We cater to all your travel needs all across the country, on your terms! We come up with a great deal of regional travel itineraries, which are absolutely customizable to best suit your ideas of a perfect holiday!

Comprehensive Travel Planning

We outdo extensive research and come up with the best travel plans to make your holidays special and memorable. We include even the smallest moments of joy in your schedules to ensure your happiness and enjoyment at the end of each holiday with Holiday Kraft!

Exploring Off-Beat Destinations

We also strive to highlight the unexplored heritage of India, by incorporating off-beat travel destinations in our travel packages. We cater to crafting special itineraries for incorporating off-beat and unexplored destinations of India to b able to stand on the benchmarks of customer satisfaction.

Diversified Tourism

Whether you are devotee of the pilgrimage tourism or a fanatic of the adventure tourism, we have got all your travel needs covered at Holiday Kraft. Right from leisure to adventure, and from adventure & wildlife travel to pilgrimage and heritage travel, we are happy to serve all your needs with open hearts.


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